Seth Green Hope To Grow Medical Marijuana Support In Tennessee, Especially For Veterans

Green’s position is that Tennessee needs to improve its stance on medical marijuana for people like him, across the state, especially veterans, who suffer every day while having to do something deemed illegal. Because he organizes many Tri-Cities-area rallies for medical marijuana and has testified at the state level, many people get in contact with Green about the topic.

This lot include many veterans, including Green’s own uncle, who have suffered PTSD in recent wars and are unable to effectively treat their nightmares, flashbacks and anxiety without marijuana. “I know people, for sure, that have been arrested for it and they believe in their heart and souls that it’s not a drug, it’s a medicine, a plant that can be used for medical reasons,” Green said. “It’s not a sin. It’s an herb provided by God.”

Green frequently quotes the Bible to underscore why he and other pious marijuana supporters believe the plant should be legal.

To read the full story check out the original article published by Johnson City Press

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