About Seth Green


Hello, My name is Seth Green and this is my story.

I live in Bluff City, Tennessee and I would like to address an issue I have and that is medical cannabis still being criminalized in the state of Tennessee. I am 29 years old and suffer from Cerebral Palsy on my right side as well as Seizures Artistes MS in my back. I have been in and out of the hospital since I was born. The doctors that I have talked to have told me they would get me the best health care available but unfortunately, they have not. They actually will not treat me in the local Hospitals around my area because I use Cannabis as a alternative medicine.

They will not even prescribe me pain medication under the new health laws. I went to a Pain Management Facility in my local city and they said they would give me steroid shots in my back. I did research and my findings showed that 6 people have died receiving the steroid shots they planned to administer. I do not want to take the shots due to the high risks involved. Doctors told me when i was young that it is a real possibility that i would not live past my early 30s. I am trying to prove a point to the Government and people that have my same illness and other like it that you can over come any problem they put in front of you.

Cannabis actually helps my Cerebral Palsy and my pain issues something medications do not. The pain I experience is leading to more frequent seizures, so many in fact, I’m not sure how much more pain I can endure. I hate breaking the law but I no longer want to live in pain. I would like to reduce the pain the best way possible and without the use of artificial drugs that actually only cover up the disease and have harmful effects such as addiction and dependency. Medical cannabis does not do either of these things.

It is a cure and not a cover up. When the doctors refuse to give me medication, I had to find something and cannabis is helping. It has been shown in studies that cannabis helps with relieving Arthritis as well as seizures. I have contacted The White House and my local district Representative via both email and phone. I haven’t received a response from The White House but of the Representatives, I have contacted, 1 out of 5 agreed. I have tried emailing journalists, cannabis news sites, and local news stations to get my word out and have successfully been published in 6 articles worldwide. As well been to the National Capitol to lobby for Medical Cannabis

I live a very difficult life with Cerebral Palsy. The pain worsens by the day and it also gets worse as I get older. With the side-effects that come along with the Cerebral Palsy, I have seizures from the pain, anxiety attacks which can last up to 10 minutes with the loss of breathing and blueness of my body. I feel that I am a burden to my Mother, who has to stay with me 24/7 taking care of me. I feel I have aided in the destruction of marriages due to my disease. I believe that the Cannabis Plant is in the Bible, where i have talked to Pastors, Bishops, Priest and what they have shown me and what i have seen doing research. I believe that the Cannabis oil was used in the Bible from the scriptures in it

With doctors not knowing all there is to know about Cerebral Palsy, I have been given the wrong drugs. That is very scary. Cannabis, unlike the pharmaceuticals, relieves the muscle tightness in my throat and chest so I can actually breathe normally and reduces the anxiety attacks and seizures. With no help in sight, I have taken matters into my own hands even if it means breaking the law. I do not have the financial means to move from the state of Tennessee and become a medical cannabis refugee nor should I have to.