Cannabis Health Radio Interviews Seth Green- Greener Pastures Tennessee

Seth Green from Tennessee considers himself luckier than many with cerebral palsy; he can walk. He says the 20 different types of medications he was taking as a teenager, after developing multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, messed with his mind. With his use of cannabis, he is off all pain medications and says he now has a reason to live.

Cannabis Health Radio asked how Cannabis uses today and how it has assisted you? Seth said ” It has assisted me very well, more than the Federal Government will ever know and saved my life in a lot of way”. Cannabis Health Radio said that I do amazing job speaking, but you have a hard time speaking because my throat feels tight and stuck. When Green uses Cannabis it helps open your throat.

“Green said that he went to Colorado to get a lot more educated on Cannabis. An bring it back to Tennessee to educate the people there and hopefully talk some since into the Elected Officials.  Seth said he is proud that he has not taken a pain pill in over a decade.

To read the full story check out the published by Cannabis Health Radio


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