Fighting For Life: Seth Green Bringing Medical Marijuana To Tennessee

As I was going through my memories on Facebook, I came across a photo of me and Jacqueline Patterson. Below the photo was a list of links. I started to click on each of them and it was articles that I had forgot about. This is just a preview of one article that Toke Signals covered on me. Blog is from Mar 27, 2014

I No Longer Want To Live In Pain

I’m talking about people like Seth Green, 23, of Bluff City, Tennessee. Seth is battling cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and a seizure disorder, and has been in and out of the hospital since he was born. Last April, Seth made a Facebook post which led to his being featured in local media, in blogs, and in Sativa Magazine, to testifying before the Tennessee House Health Committee, and to attending the National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, hosted by Americans for Safe Access, where he has been nominated for the Patient Advocate award, reports WeedBiz.

‘They Straight Lied To My Face’

“They threw out the herbal bill where we could use marijuana with THC,” Seth told me on Wednesday. “Well now, the Republicans made a bill only for oil, with it having pretty much all CBD. But it takes THC as well. I went to personal meetings with Republicans and they straight lied to my face.”

According to Green, not content with merely lying to him, some lawmakers even indulged in personal attacks against the medical marijuana bill’s sponsors. Seth said Rep. Tony Shipley, for one, made personal attacks on the bill’s main sponsor, and insisted he wouldn’t even talk about medical marijuana “until the FDA approves it.”

“It made me so upset,” he told Toke Signals. “It was crazy. The main sponsor told me to lay low ‘because they might come after you.’ ”

For the orginal article by Toke Signals.


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