“High Lane Ahead” Interviews Seth Green: Greener Pastures Tennessee

This is a in-depth interview discussing cannabis with Ari Hotep owner of “High Lane Ahead”, that is out of Atlanta, Georgia. We covered covered topics such as opioids vs cannabis, Cerebral palsy, and seizures to Politics and much more. Tune in to see what we discuss. I was a great pleasure talking with this man and hearing his side of the story when it comes to the “Cannabis Movement”. Be on the look out for more from High Lane Ahead in 2018

Click the link below to purchase a shirt

@itstartswithcompassionllc for always believing and supporting the movement #Itstartswithcompassion #SethGreenTn #greenerpasturestn #CerebralPalsy #FreeCannabis #HighLandahead #SethGreenGP



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