420 Macedonia Interviews Seth Green: “Cannabis Will Bring Countries Out Of Debt”

420 Macedonia contacted me to ask me some more questions about Cannabis in general. It was a pleasure to be on again. Thank you


420 Macedonia: In Macedonia we already have some CBD products available without a prescription, but the real full extract high THC cannabis oil still remains illegal, so the law still treats the patients as criminals if they are caught while saving their precious lives.… Seth said ” I believe that in your Country what the Government are doing with the THC and the Cannabis in general is keeping it under wraps where they do not want the people to know what the full use of the Cannabis plant can do with THC. Like i say everyone is different and they have to find the right strain of Cannabis. An sometimes you will have to have more of the THC compound in the plant in you ( depending on the person. ) and your DNA. I think the people of the country is going to have to email there officials and tell them why that you need THC because of your illnesses and DNA. We have our own form of Cannabis in our body when we are born.

420 Macedonia: Every marijuana herb has medical benefits, every marijuana plant has cannabinoids, so every use is medical… Smoking cannabis is also god for some conditions. Do you also think that recreational use of cannabis should be seen as a form of medical, in most cases for prevention of many illnesses that occur as a result of endocannabinoid deficiency? Do you also smoke cannabis тo get rid of your mental and physical pains along to get rid of your mental and physical pains as an additional treatment along with your oil?

Seth Green: I have met a lot of people during my tours talking about Cannabis. I think the people using it for recreational should been seen as a medical use. Because I feel like if they do not have any health problems and they use it. It will help your body become a lot more healthier so they will not have to go and get a card. They can use Cannabis for recreational use like the people use over the counter pills for sleep or pain, or whatever maybe the case

420 Macedonia: Why in your opinion doctors still prescribe deadly addictive medications to the patients and most of them are making more harm than good? There is no reported single death ever caused by cannabis (and there will not be) and because of the safety of the cannabis medication, we think that for every disease we have to give firstly a try to cannabis? Seth Green:. I think the reason that the doctors not only in the United States and your Country of Macedonia do that is because they are falling orders from thee elected officials and the State/Countries laws and the elected officials need them so that they can have funds to help them stay in office or run for office ( Pill companies giving money to the Government ). An I have talked to some very smart people in the industry. You can never overdose on Cannabis. People told me from Colorado and other States that it takes you 15,000 joints to overdose and i do not think anyone can ever smoke that much in a hour. An yes i believe everyone should at least give Cannabis a try before using ( Poison Pills )

420 Macedonia: What according to you every one should do on a daily basis to speed up the full exemption of the cannabis plant?  Seth Green: I tell everyone no matter what Country they are in or what part of the world. That if they have any illnesses to get in contact with there Countries leaders to tell them what you suffer from and that they need to have there health officials to learn more about it and come to terms that it is a nature medication that has been on this Earth for Thousands of years

420 Macedonia: How do you like our movement for full decriminalization of cannabis in Macedonia and worldwide? How do you like our facebook fun page and our blog? Seth said “I love that more Countries in Europe and the Middle East are getting involved in the movement and changing the way they see Cannabis. An the people in your Country is coming to understand that this is what it needs to bring your Country out of debt and everything. Your facebbok page will reach more an more. Its the Cannabis warriors to get the word out. So that Your Country will have more people in the movement and willing to stand up for whats right”

420 Macedonia: Your message to the world?….Seth Green: An my message is simple. The people of this earth have to realize that this plant will bring a lot of Countries out of Debt and they would see the real drug abuse is not Cannabis but Pain Pills,Meth,Crack and etc…….. I think pretty much all the Nations that are against Cannabis wont it to remain illegal because they do not wont to face the fact that they have been trying to hide its Medical benefits


To see the original article read here, By 420 Macedonia


One thought on “420 Macedonia Interviews Seth Green: “Cannabis Will Bring Countries Out Of Debt”

  1. I an 57 as ND I refuse to take prescription drugs. Way to many side affects. I smoke cannabis instead. I use it for pain and stress. Now I hear the FDA has approved synthetic THC. That is so wrong in so many ways. This needs to stop. Letting these pharmaceutical companies. Profit and change something that’s natural and clean. They have killed enough people. And they should never profit off cannabis.


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