The Ancap Barber Shop Interviews Seth Green: Greener Pastures Tennessee- Bonus

I take the pursuit of cannabis education very seriously. Where I live, cannabis is currently against the law even though it is a life-saving medication. I promote medicinal cannabis by advocating on the steps of our nation’s capital and other places every chance I get.

Without cannabis, Seth suffers terribly and will have seizures. He typically uses cannabis by ingesting edibles and oil because it works better for his body. He generally sticks toindica strains after a lot of trial and error.

Seth is hoping that the Libertarian Party and new politicians can help Tennessee become a medical cannabis state soon. His goal is to create a grow site or to own a medical cannabis facility. Seth also said we will need new elected officials in our State. The ones in office right now are at the age of retirement. An some are just to closed minded to understand Cannabis. So I think Tennessee will have a better chance to get a Bill in Tennessee if we get new elected officials to help get it passed that are more opened minded

  To read the full story check out the original article published by The Ancap Barber Shop


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