World Cannabis News Interviews Seth Green: Greener Pastures Tennessee

World Cannabis News had the honor of asking Green these questions, and here is what WCN asked. Being that Nashville is the capital of the world for many things music, do you think it could also become Cannabis City, USA? Seth said ” In a way I think that it will be, there are so many country singers that come to the Country Music Capitol of the world to play that I think there will be some singers that will come out in support of it, get into the movement, and have their own cannabis products. ”

 Do you think they will have a bill coming up this year, and where do you think the money should go? Yes Seth said, ” I think that coming up this year we will have a good chance because there will be Republicans that will not be going up for re-election, and the Republicans that will be running will want to get on board with it to get votes as well.
I believe that they will be more open-minded about cannabis, and some possibly might co-sponosor a bill…. As for the money I think it should go to the state’s schools, bridges, roads, and the part of Tennessee that was impacted by the wild fires in the Knoxville region, amongst other things just like we are seeing from Colorado.


WCN asked “You are the voice of your state and admired by many across the globe for your story, what are your next plans?  Seth said after being on 2 tours to get educated about cannabis, next month I plan on going up north to talk with people in the cannabis movement, and I have surpises for the people who follow me.  There are big plans coming my way.

 To read the full story check out the original article published by World Cannabis News 


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