Sativa Magazine Interviews Seth Green

“cannabis improves my issues tremendously. it helps me relax… i have not been having near the amount of seizures i used to… it helps me from being addicted to medications for pain. i have a social life because it controls a lot of my anxiety.” For Seth, cannabis use isn’t about getting ‘high’ or ‘stoned.’ it is about finding a safe, alternative method for subsiding his constant pain, relaxing the muscles in his body, keeping seizures at bay, as well as reducing his anxiety and depression. cannabis does all of this for him more so than the medications his doctors had been prescribing.

“cannabis can save lives. it has me, because there for a while i was thinking about taking my own. it brought me back to reality, and i’ve found my place religiously and socially as a successful member of society.” “i wish the policies would change because it helps so many people with diseases and disabilities. if it helps keep people from suffering then why not legalize it? alcohol is much worse, but it’s legal.”

#CerebralPalsy #Seizures #SethGreenTn #Health #GreenerPasturesTennessee

To read the full story check out the original article published by Sativa Magazine

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