Russian Magazine Interviews Seth Green A Medical Marijuana Patient

“I was born with a diagnosis of “cerebral palsy” and concomitant diseases – strokes, seizures, anxiety, depression, scoliosis, and early signs of multiple sclerosis. I suffer from panic attacks, uncontrollable muscle spasms and muscle contractions, especially in his right hand.

From the age of thirteen I took all the medications that doctors prescribed to me. In total I took more than twenty kinds of medicines that were supposed to help me. However, I did not feel any improvement in health. It happened that during the regular attacks I fell into unconsciousness, did not understand who I am and could not do anything. Every time I’m talking to someone, I was angry and absolutely anyone could not get along.

I studied the practical use of medical marijuana in treating various kinds of diseases, which gave me the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. Later I was able to relieve the symptoms of some of my disease, and some diseases, I got rid of completely. It is medical marijuana, rather than the products of pharmaceutical companies, has helped me in this.”

-Seth Green

To read the full story originally published in Russia, check it out here!

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